Is it true?

Cats always go to the person who hates cats.

False Cats avoid people who seem too intent, needy, squeaky, hyper or patronizing.They may just leave the area. OR they may choose someone who’s not acting so desperate.

Stick your hand out to a new dog so he can smell you.

False The dog can smell you from where he is. Thrusting out a hand may seem threatening.

To teach your dog not to guard food, take his bowl away while he eats.

False Think. Someone grabs your plate away for no apparent reason while you’re eating. Try this instead: Toss treats towards the bowl from a safe distance while he eats. He will learn to invite you over. In separate training sessions, teach the commands for “Leave It” and “Give me that”.

If you touch baby animals their mother will reject them.

False Mostly. You can scare a mother animal off if you hang around the nest. However, song birds do not have a well developed sense of smell. Putting baby birds who fall from a nest back into a nest and leaving the area can save their lives. Domesticated animal soften invite their caretakers to handle puppies and kittens. A baby found cold and alone may have been rejected for reason a lot of reasons. Babies who are not doing well need medical care from a professional.

Tomato Juice or Orange Juice neutralizes skunk smell.

False pH is the key and it turns out that a Baking Soda and Peroxide recipe works much better. Tomato juice is a cover-up, not a neutralizer.

Chocolate is bad for dogs.

True Baker’s Chocolate or raw cocoa is similar to coffee in its caffeine (specifically theobromine) content. Caffeine toxicosis can cause a racing heartbeat, the shakes and diarrhea. It’s very dangerous when small dogs eat a large amount of raw cocoa or coffee beans. Larger dogs who steal a Milky Way will probably be all right. Check with your vet as soon as you believe your dog may have eaten anything containing coffee or chocolate, even Tira Misu. Inducing vomiting at home can help a lot.

Grapes can be deadly. Other foods and plants, too.

True Even a small number of grapes can cause acute kidney problems in dogs. Raisins, too. Suspected causes include genetic modifications or pesticides but no one understands why at this time. Raw onions, raw garlic, avocado pits and some plant bulbs and berries are also dangerous to dogs.

Puppy kisses mean your dog loves you.

False Not saying your dog doesn’t love you, just that puppies lick their mother’s face to stimulate her regurgitation reflex so they can have some of whatever she just ate. A dog who “kisses” constantly, or has trouble stopping, may also be anxious.